Join the Orchestra

Winchester Philharmonic Choir Orchestra is composed of a regular group of amateur string players – most of whom are long-standing members – together with professionals e.g. wind, brass and timpani, brought in for the other instrument sections according to the requirements of the programme.

When does the Orchestra rehearse?

Winchester Philharmonic Choir performs two concerts a year: one usually in November in Winchester Cathedral; the second on a Saturday in late March or early April, usually in New Hall, Winchester College. The cathedral is, of course, and iconic venue with tremendous atmosphere. New Hall is the principal performance space of Winchester College and in recent years has undergone an in-depth refurbishment to make it a performer and audience-friendly space.

Rehearsals for the string players begin in October.

In addition there are rehearsals for all players at the concert venues: on the Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon for a Thursday evening November concert, and Friday evening and Saturday afternoon for the Saturday evening spring concert.

Our string players play at a high standard. If you would like to be considered for the string orchestra please contact us by clicking below:

If you are a professional non-string player and would like to be put on the players’ list, please contact us by clicking below: