Coronavirus and WMC Choir

WMC choir and coronavirus

Cancellation of WMC Events

Following the latest government advice about Coronavirus, we reluctantly cancelled both our Haydn concert at the end of March and our Choral Workshop in May.

Rehearsals were well underway for the fourth concert in our Complete Haydn Masses Series and it was disappointing after everyone’s hard work to cancel at such a late stage in the rehearsals. We hope to reschedule this concert in our programme of events once the situation recovers.

It is with great sadness that we made these decisions but the safety and well-being of our audiences and performers are of paramount importance. In the light of subsequent events, however, this was clearly a correct decision.

Thank you for your support during this period of uncertainty.

Coronavirus risks for choirs

Singing in groups in close proximity is possibly one of the higher risk activities and several “super-spreader events” have been linked to choirs. An article “The Latest Science on COVID-19 and Singing” explores some of the aspects. However, there are contrary views and an article in The Church Times suggests that it might not be as risky as first thought.

Next Term

Our next planned concert is Verdi’s Requiem in Winchester Cathedral on 13th November with rehearsals starting early in September. Currently it is unclear whether this will be possible.

If we do need to cancel, then we would like to find some singing activities for Friday evenings in which we can engage together both adhering to the regulations and providing enjoyment. These might include singing in smaller groups to facilitate social distancing or rehearsing half the choir at a time. All this is currently speculation, but we will make a decision at the end of July regarding the November concert. We will update this notice then and contact members to ascertain their preferences.

Our thoughts are with those who have lost relatives or friends through the illness and with those that have had their lives severely disrupted, particularly the professional musicians, many of whom who have lost their livelihoods.

Angela Ryde-Weller
Chairman WMC