Come & Sing May 2022

Choral Workshop
Saturday 28th May 2022
St. Michael’s Church, Winchester College

Winchester Music Club invited singers to join us for a choral workshop followed by a run through performance exploring choruses from Handel’s oratorio Israel in Egypt.

Filled with frogs, locusts, hailstones and rivers of blood, Israel in Egypt is one of Handel’s most dramatic oratorios. It presents one of the most powerful musical dramas of any oratorio ever written. The single and double choruses enumerate all the manner of horrific events visited upon the Egyptians for having held the Jews in bondage, and are a joy to sing!

Come & Sing with WMC

Workshop leader

The workshop was led by Benjamin Cunningham, Assistant Director of Chapel Music at Winchester College and founder member and co-Artistic Director of the award winning vocal ensemble SANSARA.